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Planet Waves Cellu-Glow Guitar Picks, Light, 25 pack

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The Planet Waves 1CCG2-25 is a 25-pack of light gauge Cellu-Glow picks.

Planet Waves puts a new twist on celluloid picks with Cellu-Glo glow-in-the-dark picks. Cellu-Glo picks offer the natural feel and warm, fat tone of traditional celluloid picks in a fun and convenient glow-in-the-dark format that makes them easy to find in dark stages or studios. Simply pre-charge the picks in natural sunlight or under a light bulb and let Cellu-Glo picks add a new visual element to your playing. Available in light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy.

25 picks per package

Light gauge (50mm) ideal for strumming

Easy to find on-stage and in any dark environment

Unique look on-stage

Available in multiple gauges from light to extra-heavy

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