BAM Studios X Cité 2000

Right in the heart of the famous Cité 2000, BAM is always ready to welcome you to its 2 rehearsal studios! With top-quality equipment, you'll stay focused on what's important: your music. We can't wait to hear what the artists have cooked up to rock the walls of the Cité!

Rates and times

Studios are available from 9am to 11pm.

1 hour: 25$ +tx          2 hours: 50$ +tx

3 hours: 65$ +tx         4 hours: 80$ +tx

If the chosen hours start outside store opening hours, payment in advance is required.

If you require full days or several consecutive days, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How it works?

For availability and reservations, please contact us by e-mail ( ) or telephone. For the moment, online booking is not available.

At the time of booking :

  1. When you arrive, go to the boutique, sign the rental contract and pay for the studio.
  2. The reception clerk will give you a unique access code (which expires at the end of your reservation). It's your responsibility to make sure the studio is locked up when you leave.
  3. Everything is already in the studio and ready to play.
  4. You must return the studio in the same condition as when you arrived and leave on time. (See contract)
  5. We will do the checks only after you have left the building.

If you need any additional equipment, remember to request it in advance.

The equipment

The equipment is checked every day, after your departure or the next morning.

Here is the current, non-exhaustive list:

Complete Drum SJC :
Bass drum 22’’  -  Toms 10" 12" 16"  -  Snare 14’’
Cymbales (courtoisie); hi hat 14’’, crash 16’’, crash 18’’, Ride 22’’

Ampli et Cab Bass:
Galien Kruger Rb800 - Cab 810 Ampeg

Ampli et Cab de Guitare:
Peavey 6505 Ampli (ou équivalent) et Cab Mesa Boogie 412(or equivalent)
Marshall DSL 100H Ampli (ou équivalent) et Cab Marshall B (or equivalent)
Combo Peavey Classic 50 (or equivalent)
Combo Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Console Yamaha 16 entries
Speakers FOH 2 X Mackie (or equivalent)
Monitors 1 X DSR12 (or equivalent) et 3 X DBR12 (or equivalent)
3 microphones (SM 58) (or equivalent) avec pieds et XLR 25’
7 Jack ¼ 20’ -  2 XLR 25'  -  Adaptateur ⅛ à 2 XLR M 

Furniture and other items:
2 chairs  -  2 stools  -  2 guitar stands Hercules  -  1 boat for 3 guitars
4 stand Manhasset (or equivalent)  -  1 X double stand keyboard

Studio rental contract

When we were thinking about the studio project in Cité 2000, the particularity of the building brought certain constraints compared to our previous location.

So, in order to keep our rates reasonably low, we have chosen to transfer certain responsibilities to you. The rental contract, in this context, is a guarantee of your responsibility for the use of the studio, the equipment and the safety of the premises.  

There are 3 main points:

  1. Checking equipment on arrival and before departure.
  2. Return the studio in the same condition as when you arrived.
  3. The studio is secured on your departure.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you rehearse in our new studios very soon!