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Company Introduction

Founded in 1955 by Guy Lotte, our company has established itself as a benchmark in the field of musical instrument rental. With over six decades of experience, we have gained undeniable expertise and recognition in the entertainment industry. Our team, consisting of specialized professional technicians, is dedicated to providing superior quality service to our clients.

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Our Services

At Boite a musique, a passion for music and performance animates every aspect of our work. Since our beginnings, renting musical instruments has been more than a service; it's a mission that we carry out with joy and dedication. We understand the importance of each performance, and it is with a spirit of collaboration and excellence that we offer our services:

  • Instrument Rental:
    Discover a wide range of quality instruments, selected to enrich your events with their exceptional sound.
  • Qualified Technicians:
    Our team, composed of passionate and experienced technicians, is the beating heart of our operations, ensuring that every technical detail contributes to the success of your event.
  • Event Coordination:
    Let us assist you in planning and organizing your musical equipment needs, with a personalized and attentive approach.
  • Instrument Transportation:
    We treat each instrument with the utmost care, ensuring safe and reliable transport.
  • Setup, Teardown, and Show Call:
    Our expertise is reflected in our efficiency in installing and dismantling equipment, ensuring a smooth and worry-free performance.

Backline services

Brands and Equipment

Our rich and diverse inventory includes a wide selection of the best brands on the market. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern sound, our equipment will meet your needs. Here is an overview of what we offer:

Guitar Amplifiers

  • Kemper
  • Marshall
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Fender
  • Orange
  • Peavey
  • Laney
  • Roland
  • Polytone
  • Traynor
  • Vox

Bass Amplifiers

  • Aguilar
  • Ampeg
  • Acoustic
  • Eden
  • Gallien Krueger
  • Hartke
  • MarkBass
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Orange
  • Peavey
  • Polytone
  • SWR
  • Trace Elliot
  • Yorkville


  • Canopus
  • DW Drums
  • Gretsch
  • Ludwig
  • Pearl
  • SJC
  • Yamaha


  • Akai
  • Arturia
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Hammond
  • Korg
  • M Audio
  • Moog
  • Clavia Nord
  • Novation
  • Roland
  • Wurlitzer
  • Yamaha

We also offer DJ Kits and Party Sound Systems, as well as all necessary accessories such as cables, music stands, various volume or expression pedals, and assorted transport cases.

This list is just a glimpse of our inventory. Please feel free to send us your specific requests. We are here to meet your needs, even the most unique ones.