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ProMark Ensemble Series ES1R Soft Mallets


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Ensemble Series Rattan Soft

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ProMark ES1R mallets feature a round rubber core with a thick layer of latex that provides a full sound on both vibraphone and marimba. The ES1R provides the softest articulation and maximum tone for great response in the lowest register. Rattan handles offer the necessary flexibility while remaining durable enough for demanding performance.

The Ensemble Series is a graduated series that is designed to be used in a variety of indoor/outdoor ensembles. The ability to duplicate sound and texture in any range of the instrument makes these mallets ideal for marimba choirs. Rattan shafts provide full resonance, flexibility and incredible response for the player. All rattan shafts are hand matched for identical size and weight.

The ES1R is ideal for the lower range of the marimba or for a warm tone with little articulation on vibraphone

Length: 16 3/8" Head Size: 1.625 x 1.25"

This graduated series offers the many choices for the perfect mallet regardless of range on the instrument

The Ensemble Series is a great choice for percussion ensembles, marching applications and marimba choirs

All ProMark drumsticks are designed and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry


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ProMark Ensemble Series ES1R Soft Mallets

ProMark Ensemble Series ES1R Soft Mallets

Ensemble Series Rattan Soft

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