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Evans Strata 700 Concert Snare Drum Head, 14 Inch


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14" STRATA 700

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Evans 14" Strata 700 concert snare drum head features a single ply of 7.5mil film with a coating that closely resembles traditional calf skin in sound and feel. The Strata 700 offers balanced sustain with mid-range overtones. Evans Level 360 technology is incorporated to extend the level playing surface of the drumhead, 360 degrees around the drum. The vertically enhanced collar design guarantees even contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in: ease of tuning, extended pitch range and optimum quality of sound. Evans Level 360 technology resolves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting the drum shell without using considerable force.

14" concert snare head with a single ply of 7.5mil film

Unique strata coating simulates the feel and warmth of sound found with calf skin heads

Thinner film yields a balanced sustain and more mid-range overtones

Perfect for students and seasoned professionals alike

All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA


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Evans Strata 700 Concert Snare Drum Head, 14 Inch

Evans Strata 700 Concert Snare Drum Head, 14 Inch

14" STRATA 700

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