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D'Addario Reserve Alto Saxophone Reed Sampler Pack, 2.5/3.0/3.0+

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Reserve reed sampler packs allow the player to experiment with various reed strengths before committing to a full box. Each saxophone sampler pack contains four Reserve reeds in three different strengths. Each reed is individually sealed.

Reserve reeds are crafted using naturally-grown cane from D'Addario's own foreign fields. D'Addario has pioneered the first practical and precise system to digitally measure and cut the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to re-invent single reeds. Reserve reeds are cut to the tightest tolerances, offering the most consistent performance.

Contains four individually-sealed Reserve reeds

Allows player to economically experiment with differnet reed cuts and strengths

Includes strengths 2.5, 3.0, and 3.0+

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