Gros Buzz

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The BUZZ, ptit or gros, gives you a super high gain fuzz sound, insane vintage distortion, a thick and mushy sound.

Built around 5 bipolar transistors as well as two phases of soft clipping diodes, the amplitude of the signal thus generated is increased to a point of extreme saturation and coloration. Strongly inspired by the Big Muff, the first attention was to integrate more harmonious, soft and of course unique clipping series, several versions are thus offered with a well-chosen amalgam.

In most versions found today, silicone clipping diodes are often featured, the narrower, tighter, clean, and articulate sound typical of the Big Muff sound. Here, in addition to Silicone’s, I offer Germanium’s, a retro / vintage sound that focuses on softness, warmth, more research, more color. And also the Schottky diodes, much crisper at high volume, therefore harder clipping and the loudest signal of the three types of clipping diode. Graphic design by NIXE

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Controls include ::

T (Tone)

S (Sustain)

B (Boost)

V (Volume)

2 mini toggle switches (4 choices of clipping)

Blue LED

True bypass switching

Common 9vdc BOSS style power input [negative centre (-)]

Current draw +/- 6mA

Dimensions: 120mm x 94mm x 33mm

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