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An auto-wah of the analogue vintage style series. Time to get your sweet spot.

After spending days listening to Bob Marley, the obvious next step was to create my own wah-wah effect Mu-Tron style. Trigger by the volume and attack of your playing, this fast response envelope filter (LFO) is pretty versatile. I thought a way for the performer to be able to alter the quaky tone, to be more accurate as well, so I setup a unique selector giving 4 different possibilities, great for bass too!

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This knob controls how fast the filter frequency falls back to its resting point (it is set with the BEHAVE control). This can be set fast (CW) to get the wah effect on every note or slow (CCW) for a more traditional auto-wah sound.

Turn CW to increase the sharpness or Q-factor of the filter.

This controls the filter resonance frequency. When Behave is fully turned off, it acts like a sweepable filter.

The control knob shapes the frequencies, basic cut, and boost functions. CW to increase while CCW will decrease the amount of treble or bass.

True bypass 3PDT switching

Common 9vdc BOSS style power input
Current draw +/- 35mA
Size 4.67 in L x 3.68 in W x 1.18 in H (119 mm L x 93 mm W x 30 mm H)
Power supply not included

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