Package Deals

Our package deals actually available are listed below.
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2 - Solo studio special

Our most favorite package deals !

Solo rehearsal deals

Solo deals are made for solo musicians who need to rehearse on various frequency basis without having to sign a long time lease for a studio or jam room. 10h, 20h and 30h package are available.

You can use your bank of hours from Monday to Friday between 9h and 19h, Saturday from 10h 18h and on Sunday from 11h to 18h.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Solo 10H

Solo 20H

Solo 30H

The family pack

Available now

It is the ideal package for learning to play in a "band" or simply sharing your passion for music.

With this family package you can:
Make noise without fear of disturbing the neighbors.
Share your passion for music.
Introduce the youngest to a musical instrument.
Send the teens to play music after school.

The family pack